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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Laurelwood Sets Fire Recovery Benefit

Sometimes you have really have to tip your hat to the local beer community. And not just because they make great products that make people smile. Nope. Sometimes they go the extra mile.

That's what Laurelwood is doing this week to help out a longtime employee who was the victim of an apartment fire. More on that shortly. Soren Appoldt is the employee. He's been part of the Laurelwood family since 2007. You'll often find him behind the bar weekday evenings at the Sandy pub.

I've kinda-sorta known Soren for a couple of years, but we've had more conversation in recent times because, for better or worse, blogging responsibilities get me out more and Laurelwood is close by. I know...it's a tough job...but someone has to do it.

Soren the artist (from his Facebook page)
When Soren isn't working behind the bar, he enjoys surfing on the Oregon coast. I routinely ask about recent great white sightings...and he has definitely seen some sharkies cruising the break. Sounds exciting, huh? Another of Soren's passions is the guitar, which I'm told he plays well. They also say he's a self-taught painter. 

Back to the fire. A couple of weeks back, Soren and his girlfriend, Lindsay, woke to the sound of fire alarms and the smell of smoke. It turns out there was an electrical fire of (as yet) unknown origin in their apartment building. They were forced to get out quickly, taking very little with them.

The time since has been a nightmare. They have not been able to return to the apartment. Beyond the obvious problem of having no home, they have lost many of their essential possessions. Rebuilding after a serious fire is never easy. Soren told me they did not have renters insurance, which he kicks himself for now.

Enter Mike De Kalb (owner), Micah Loiselle (Soren's close friend and fellow employee) and the Laurelwood family. This Tuesday, July 17, they will donate 20 percent of the day's proceeds to getting Soren and Lindsay back on their feet. So drop by if you can. Buy a burger, buy a beer...hell, buy a keg of beer! Anything you can do helps.

Laurelwood can also take a straight donations by credit card at the pub and they are working on a way to take them remotely, either by phone or web. I'll update this post Tuesday morning if those options come to pass. Meanwhile, here's to a great turnout all day Tuesday!

Update: You can now make a remote donation by credit card here.

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  1. A similar but different [reads: bigger] fire recovery benefit is
    ..[Colorado] Firefighter Appreciation Week
    .. Firefighter Appreciation Week in Colorado will be observed September 8th – 15th, culminating with the Fight Fire With Beer Festival September 15th in Boulder. The event was created to honor firefighters currently risking their lives battling fires across the state of Colorado as well as to provide an annual non-partisan platform to enable all residents of Colorado to say “thank you” to firefighters who work to keep them safe 365 days a year.
    .. During Firefighter Appreciation Week, every restaurant and bar in Colorado will be asked to add their names to the Firefighter Appreciation Honor Roll by supporting Colorado Fire Departments through a variety of promotions designed to raise funds for them.
    Governor John Hickenlooper[D], founder of Wynkoop Brewing Co., is the instigating official.


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