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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lucky Lab and DoveLewis Present Dogtoberfest '13

Once upon a time, the Lucky Labrador's Dogtoberfest was a quaint little affair that attracted a few Portlanders who wanted to quaff a pint or two while getting their mutt washed. Somewhere back in time, 1996 is my best guess, we showed up with our grubby Labs. They didn't enjoy getting washed, but we enjoyed the beer and festivities.

Blitz at the beach is usually a mess
Fast forward to this weekend and it's time to drag your dirty mutt down to the Lucky Lab for the latest edition of Dogtoberfest. Things have evolved. The event is now a benefit for the DoveLewis Blood Bank, which gets all the proceeds. Whether you own a mutt or not, it's fairly easy to see this is a worthwhile cause.

Unlike the old days, when things were sort of topsy-turvy, they're organized now. Volunteers will be plenty happy to scrub the grit and grime from your canine compatriot. I'm pretty sure my current Labs, Blitz and Biscuit, would be less than enthusiastic about such treatment. But they would be all for the benefit concept. Suggested donation is $10 per dog. Donate more if you wish.

My old friend Beau often needed a good rinse
As with past Dogtoberfests, there will be live music and the you'll find the usual great beer and food in the pub. I just visited Lab HQ the other night and I have to say Ludwig's Alt is tasting great. Some of the other usual suspects include Super Dog IPA and Konig's Kolsh. If you prefer something darker, and they've got that, too.

Dogtoberfest '13 is happening this Saturday, Sept. 21, from 11 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Lucky Lab Brewpub. The Lab is located at 915 SE Hawthorne. There's more information on the DoveLewis event page here. I'm sure a good time will be had by all...or most.


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