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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last Call for Angelo at By the Bottle

The local beer community is losing one of its finest. Not losing as in dead...losing as in going away. This isn't exactly breaking news. For a couple of months, we've known that Angelo De Ieso, better known to many in these parts as Angelo Brewpublic, would soon join his wife in the Bay Area.

It was inevitable that Angelo and the new wife, Ashley (aka the Beer Wench) would choose a common city. They are beer geeks in a pod. Angie going to California makes the most sense to me. Ashley has a beer job down there. Angelo's beer work will transfer to the Bay Area.

Last call at By the Bottle
Why is Angelo's departure from Portland important? Because he has been a tireless promoter of all things craft beer. His blog, Brewpublic, is undoubtedly one of the best places to go to keep up with the local beer scene. I have no idea what his readership is, but I'm sure it's large.

My guess is the blog will live on. In fact, I know it will. Angelo has operatives here who will continue to cover the local scene. He'll likely be shifting the bulk of his own focus to the Bay Area. That works for me. I'm looking forward to reading what he was to say about the beer community there.

Angelo hasn't left the building yet. He has a couple weeks worth of celebratory events on the calendar before he heads south at the end of the month. But he worked his last official shift at By the Bottle last night. A small crowd toasted Angelo as the owners thanked him for contributions to the business. Good stuff.

I'm quite sure Angelo won't be a stranger to Portland. He'll be visiting from time to time...too much going on here to ignore. There's an over/under pool on...oh, never mind. As for myself, I'm hoping to meet up with him in Oakland next month. Beer research, you know.

Happy trails...


  1. We are going to miss you friend!

  2. Thanks Beervana Buzz, Beervana, and Brewvana!

  3. No words for how much Angelo will be missed here in PDX. One of our finest, indeed, but also a superb example of kindness & an exemplary member of the beer community. (nice shirt, too, Ang) :)


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